Allied Health Career Information

Allied Health is a broad term used to describe the wide range of specialised healthcare provided by health practitioners who are not part of the medical, dental and nursing professions. The Allied Health workforce includes health practitioners who work autonomously and in multidisciplinary teams, in a variety of acute, outpatient, and community healthcare settings in both the public, not-for-profit and private sector.

A-Z of Allied Health Services

Health Education is a specialty of health science which focuses on the development and provision of health education services and programs which enhance health and wellbeing at the individual and community level. Health Educators develop a range of pedagogical strategies to communicate with the public. Health Education connects people to health care services and support, and is a major contributor to preventive primary health care.

Health Education Jobs

Health Educators work in hospitals and community settings, where they provide health education to a range of adults and children, community groups, students, and staff. They advocate for the needs of the community, and develop relevant programs and events which promote wellbeing, nutrition, healthy habits, and the management of existing health conditions. In hospitals and schools, health educators can tailor education programs to suit the educational and training needs of stakeholders. Health Educator jobs usually require a Bachelor degree in a Health Science or related field.