Allied Health Career Information

Allied Health is a broad term used to describe the wide range of specialised healthcare provided by health practitioners who are not part of the medical, dental and nursing professions. The Allied Health workforce includes health practitioners who work autonomously and in multidisciplinary teams, in a variety of acute, outpatient, and community healthcare settings in both the public, not-for-profit and private sector.

A-Z of Allied Health Services

Speech Pathology is the study of speech, language and swallowing disorders that affect a range of people, from infants to the elderly. These disorders may be congenital or acquired through brain injury. Speech Pathology uses a range of techniques and therapies to assess, prevent, and treat these disorders and to help develop and improve speaking and communication skills. They work in research, education, and healthcare settings, often working collaboratively with professionals from other disciplines.

Speech Pathology Jobs

Speech Pathologists provide services which assess, treat, and prevent a range of communication and swallowing disorders. Speech Pathologists work with people to help them improve expressive and receptive language skills, fluency, speech and voice sounds, cognitive and social communication skills, and feeding and swallowing skills. They also provide education to family members/caregivers. Speech Pathologists have completed a Bachelor or Master degree in Speech Pathology and can become Certified through membership with Speech Pathology Australia.